Nowruz Celebration 2015

Ringing in the Persian New Year at House of Iran in San Diego.

Hi everyone,

On March 22, 2015, the House of Pacific Relations was once again, packed with thousands of people, celebrating with the House of Iran, during the House of Iran Lawn Program. Normally, the spectator crowd numbers in the hundreds. Every time the House of Iran celebrates its ethnic Persian culture, it seems like half the people in San Diego turn out to join the party. And party they did...long after the presentation was over, and long after I turned off my camera.

With thousands of people partying in an area that normally holds a few hundred, I couldn't keep my camera from being bumped by spectators. I also couldn't even get close enough to get the best pictures. It was one giant never-ending party, until well into the evening.

A really special thank you to Abe Far, President of the House of Iran, for being so patient with me, in getting these videos edited. He's a really great guy. Also, he's heavily involved with the San Diego Bonsai Club. If you have any questions about Bonsai plant art forms, or about Iran and the Persian culture, do yourself a huge favor. Come out to the House of Iran, have yourself a special proprietary blend (4 different varieties all blended together) of Persian tea, sit down with Abe, and learn a lot.

And thank you for watching.