Nowruz Celebration 2016

Ringing in the Persian New Year at House of Iran in San Diego.

Hi everyone,

On March 27, 2016, The House of Iran presented its annual music, dance and cultural arts program, here in San Diego's House of Pacific Relations, at Balboa Park. One thing is for sure, the Iranian culture really knows how to party. In an area that normally holds a few hundred people for a lawn program, many thousands of spectators attended the 2016 House of Iran giant new years party.

The celebration is called, "Nowruz." You may know it by several English language spelling variants, among them, "Nauruz" and "Norooz" Nowruz translates as "New Day." The ancient Persian New Year starts at the Vernal Equinox, or "New Day", or Nowruz. For those of you who endeavor to be exact, you should consider converting to the ancient Persian calendar, which is only off by one day, every 141,000 years. Our current Gregorian calendar is off by one day every 3,226 years.

No one can accuse the Persians of not being exact, just as no one can accuse the Persians of not being the greatest party-goers in the world. Just watch this video, and you'll see what I mean.

A big thank to Shally Zomorodi, Anchor Person for Fox 5 News, in San Diego. She spent a lot of time E-mailing with me to help get this video on the Fox 5 Facebook account. Also, thank you Abe Far, former President of The House of Iran, for providing me information for the editing process. And thank you, Sussan Johnsen, current President of The House of Iran, and to her staff, for a wonderful program.

Thank you for watching. I hope you enjoy watching this program as much as I enjoyed filming it.